Elevate your organization’s equipment performance and compliance with our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Equipment Qualification. Tailored for the life sciences industry, this SOP ensures that your equipment is installed, operates, and performs correctly, supporting the production of high-quality products and adherence to regulatory standards.

Overview: The SOP for Equipment Qualification provides a detailed framework for the systematic qualification of equipment, encompassing Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ). This comprehensive approach ensures that equipment meets all specifications and operational requirements, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent product quality.

Key Sections Included in the SOP:

  1. Purpose: Details the objectives of equipment qualification, emphasizing its importance in validating equipment performance and compliance.
  2. Scope: Defines the range of equipment covered by the SOP, ensuring all critical equipment is appropriately qualified.
  3. Responsibilities: Assigns clear roles and responsibilities to ensure effective execution of equipment qualification processes.
  4. Procedure Steps: Outlines step-by-step instructions for conducting IQ, OQ, and PQ, ensuring thorough and consistent equipment qualification.
  5. Documentation and Review: Highlights the importance of detailed documentation and review processes to verify and maintain equipment qualification status.
  6. Deviation Management: Provides guidelines for managing deviations encountered during qualification, ensuring issues are promptly addressed and resolved.
  7. Training: Emphasizes the need for training personnel involved in equipment operation and qualification to ensure understanding and compliance.

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